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Big Faceless Graph Library

The Big Faceless Graph Library is a Java class library for creating graphs and charts. It is backed by a full 3D engine, allowing you to create shaded 3D pie, bar, and line graphs as GIF, PDF, PNG, or other image formats. Its features include transparent backgrounds, extensible axes to graph dates, currencies, custom fonts, and spline curve fitting. It is small, fast, and easy to use.


Recent releases

  •  14 Sep 2011 01:58

    Release Notes: This release removes legacy code (Java 1.4 or later is now required), improves the algorithm to prevent overlaps of labels when drawing PieGraphs, fixes adding "line" or "box" to a "stackedbarseries" in the XML interface, allows adding an image to a key, corrects Series.outputToSeries() values when a graph is rotated in 3D, fixes a typo in JavaScript which could cause HTML mouseovers to fail on a stacked bar graph, corrects some typos in taglib.tld, fixes some bugs in PDF output, and fixes SOAP requests.

    •  20 Oct 2009 23:36

      Release Notes: The tag library was updated to the JSP 1.2 specification. Support was added for storing GraphContext in sessions, so that a graph Web app can be deployed in a cluster. This is done by setting the "org.faceless.graph2.UseSession" context-parameter to "true". Support was added for new Java 1.6 java.awt.LinearGradientPaint to XML. This is done by setting the Color attribute to match the format "gradient(c1,v1, c2,v2, [c3,v3, ...])", where "cn" is a Color and "vn" is the value where that color should be set.

      •  26 Mar 2009 02:00

        Release Notes: The method signature of Key.addCustom(Marker) was changed to accept an AbstractMarker instead, allowing Text items to be used as Markers. No code changes are required, although code calling this method will need to be recompiled. The ability to create "funnel" and "pyramid" charts was added via the new setBarWidth(float, float) methods in GeneralBarSeries and the "topbarwidth" and "bottombarwidth" attributes in XML. The ability to place gaps between the bars in a Stacked Bar Series was added. The "autocolors" feature was added to Graphs to automatically choose colors in a certain range.

        •  03 Jul 2008 17:11

          Release Notes: BFO have released an update to their Graph Library. This release fixes a number of minor rendering problems that could cause some minor visual facets, and is also faster. For output to SVG and PDF, or when plotting many thousands of polygons, this version can be up to 30% faster. It is less so when plotting to PNG (as most of the time is spent in the image compression).

          •  21 Apr 2008 03:05

            Release Notes: The FunctionLineSeries has been modified slightly: there is a now a "complete" method for subclasses, and the "setLineSeries" method can retrieve the data from a LineSeries. A matching "series" attribute in the XML has been added. Labels on MultiBar graphs are correctly positioned. NaN values can be used in BoxWhisker series. The Graph Library can now be licensed using a license file.


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