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Benojt is a fast and flexible explorer for various types of fractals. It can render escape-time fractals like Mandelbrot/Julia style fractals, Newton fractals, Lyapunov fractals, and two dimensional attractors/strange attractors. Due to its modular design, single components like iterators, renderers, and colorings can be replaced, making it easy to experiment with individual aspects of fractal creation. New iterators can be created at runtime by typing a fractal fomula which is compiled and loaded automatically.

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Recent releases

  •  07 Aug 2008 03:28

    Release Notes: This release contains new displays for 3D and 4D attractors, new iterators for Pickover Stalks and Buddhabrot fractals, and new templates for Pickover Stalks, Buddhabrot fractals, and 3D/4D attractors.

    •  23 Jun 2008 02:49

      Release Notes: Gradient colorings may now be done by hits, iterations, or magnitude. The y-axis has been flipped to conform to standards. A new lyapunov template was added. A preview image is contained in saved XML-files. Random parameters in attractors were added. A boundingbox for an attractor is detected. Oversampling is done in complex plane hit count. A first-start hint dialog was added.

      •  13 May 2008 01:17

        Release Notes: This release has new displays (buffered plane/hit count), coloring by hits, the ability edit iterator classes directly, multi-threaded randompointrenderer and parametermaprenderer, new iterators (burning ship, strange attractor, and symmetry in chaos), the ability to save/load data of single modules, thread propriety in mutithreaded renderers, the ability to save XML file info, the ability to drop BJF files into the fractal window, and a Web gallery with example fractals.

        •  08 Apr 2008 07:05

          Release Notes: This release added the ability to load and save fractals to XML, a configurable newton iterator, fixpoint coloring, smooth gradient coloring, parameter and viewpoint selectors, a fixed panel size option, a coordinate system in the complex plane, coordinates/data under the mouse pointer, a Lyapunov iterator, symmetry in the chaos iterator, and new complex methods.

          •  14 Mar 2008 18:06

            Release Notes: A new window menu bar. The ability to pause and continue rendering. Moving the visible area via drag and drop (middle button). A progress bar. New configurable iterators for Mandelbrot, Julia, and spider iterator. The ability to edit and delete local iterators. A new offset in gradient coloring. Saving preferences to disk, and a new preferences dialog. The iterator manager dialog has been reworked. This release can show the template source. It has an improved menu structure and localized number formatting.


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