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bdmn is client/server-oriented backup system. The daemon runs on the machine being backed up, and the client runs on the machine that stores the backup. It is very simple, but very fast. It only uses tar, gzip, uuencode, and Perl, so it is portable to many operating systems. It includes a very simple access control system for itself.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  20 Oct 2006 08:59

    Release Notes: bdes encryption can be used on a bdmn stream. uuencode can be used on a bdmn stream, which fixes some problems. was updated so that "make install" creates bdmn.conf alone. Some bugs were fixed.

    •  14 May 2003 21:01

      Release Notes: A makefile has been created for install, deinstall, check, and help. checks for GNU tar and tar's path. There is some code cleanup, and two more configuration variables have been added.

      •  12 May 2003 15:42

        No changes have been submitted for this release.

        Recent comments

        20 Oct 2006 01:02 noun

        version - done
        made some important changes

        use bdes encryption & uuencode

        some bugfixes

        still nothing done from the todolist.

        14 May 2003 23:52 noun

        version 1.z - done
        it does not have anything from the todolist
        but it has major bugfixes and easy install, makefile
        with make help install deinstall and check
        checks for gnu tar and so
        this todolist in the upper comment will be for version 2.a

        12 May 2003 15:46 noun

        todolist for version 1.z
        hello, here is todo list for next version (1.z)
        1. port for Windows\d+
        2. rewrite in C
        3. optimize for slow networks and test with packet loss > 25%
        4. make the firewall more advanced (the block list should be dynamic)
        5. make SIGALRM and SIGINIT to be cought and used for trigers
        6. add some sql support (for config)
        7. webinterface for config
        8. index backuped files into database and make available search via web or console

        please feel free to send me any suggestions about bdmn, so to be pushed into my @todolist
        thanks in advance


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