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BBStatus is an IP accounting package and an SNMP and IP monitoring tool for Linux. It collects, summarizes, and displays the values from its database. It can be used for IP accounting (allows you to design various kinds of accounting filters), SNMP monitoring (collects data making SNMP requests), ICMP monitoring (stores and summarizes values like min, avg, max reply time, and packet loss), and client traffic filtering (using various types of filters). It also provides user based access so that every user can log in and visualize various data (depending on access rights). It requires PostgreSQL, Apache with mod_auth_pgsql, Perl(Net::SNMP), and RRDTool.


Recent releases

  •  30 Nov 2005 12:20

    Release Notes: Big performance improvements were made by switching ICMP monitoring from netping to fping and by doing SNMP monitoring once per minute for 1/5 of all monitored hosts instead of doing it once every 5 minutes for all hosts. A new and experimental accounting tool that uses tcpdump was added. Some compatibility issues with newer Linux kernel and iptables versions were solved. Various minor bugfixes were made.

    •  10 Apr 2004 08:25

      Release Notes: Various bugfixes in, show_acct_info.cgi, and, and minor database changes.

      •  29 Mar 2004 23:32

        Release Notes: Some database changes (made in version 2.30) were not included, and because of that, new equipment could not be added; this has been fixed. bin/ has been updated. This is the first public version that supports SNMP version 1, 2c, and 3 requests. There have been minor documentation updates. When creating a new accounting filter, the tables storing monthly and yearly data are now added. A part of the database management module has been backported from the current development tree (2.61) so that the tables for the accounting filters and SNMP OIDs can be removed again.

        •  23 Mar 2004 22:06

          Release Notes: ip_management.cgi and ip_does_overlap() subroutine ( were added from the current development tree (2.61). The umask is explicitly set in, and a typo bug was fixed in

          •  21 Mar 2004 23:17

            Release Notes: There are a few bugfixes. A configuration file for Apache 1.3.x has been added. There are RPM spec file changes/improvements.

            Recent comments

            15 Apr 2013 18:09 Sidrah

            When i try to download the code it gives error:
            The requested URL was not found on this server. If you entered the URL manually please check your spelling and try again.
            Can you point out, what is the problem?

            29 May 2006 05:34 ronniee

            Re: Need mysql support
            Hello, I looking for a network clients traffic counter program, but my server is running mysql with mambo etc. webpages.
            Can you tell me, about when will be out the mysql version of BBStatus? Or PostgeSQL can run together with Mysql in a same server? thankss

            18 May 2006 06:58 mituc

            Re: mysql support

            > there r few more steps :P did u

            > heard about apsx? no? u will & u

            > will learn to use it if don't wanna

            > learn & install: PHP+APACHE (+SSL).

            > next apache modul auth 4 apache, u will

            > also need (if is not there) to specify

            > postgresql lib in ldconfig & reload

            > it. i think it's time to stop here, even

            > if there is at least one more thing that

            > u will have to set... a suexec apache

            > wrapper. GOOD LUCK. but onestly

            > personaly i think if u will need it you

            > will install it...

            Thanks for your thoughts.

            The INSTALL file covers the installation process completely, and if you read carefully the instructions you will see that it's pretty easy to install, so you don't need luck for this. Of course, you need to have some knowledge about apache, perl, etc. The INSTALL how-to does not cover the installation steps and instructions for using other packages and tools you may need (apache, apache suexec, postgres, perl, rrdtool, iptables, kernel - patching and compiling etc). If I'd try to cover these as well probably the next step would be to write a howto about installing various linux/unix distros, etc:) Anyway, anybody who asked for my help to complete the installation steps (for BBStatus or some other additional software like apache/suexec, PERL modules, etc) got all the necessary help. So feel free to ask me if you need help installing BBStatus.

            Why do I need mysql: personally I don't, but I also don't have to many needs, and it's not only me I wrote this useful piece of software for. So I have to think about the other users as well. Moreover, there are many users which prefer MySQL (or something else) instead, or prefer to maintain only one RDBMS on their server(s) instead of two. Also, there are many goodies introduced by Mysql 4.1 and 5.0, why not use them?!:)

            14 Jan 2006 05:17 mituc

            Re: mysql support

            > u will have to set... a suexec apache

            > wrapper. GOOD LUCK. but onestly

            > personaly i think if u will need it you

            > will install it...

            Maybe I'm missing your point, but I have to tell you that the installation guide for a particular application does not cover the installation notes for the other applications needed for ours to work. It just covers its needs (we need you to create a database and a user, we need you to get rrdtool, we need to setup this up, and that... etc).

            The installation process for BBStatus is not a click-click-bang one (but also it's not a complicated one), you need to have knowledge about how some other applications work (apache configuration and eventually suexec setup, vixie or dillon cron, maybe some CPAN perl modules installation will be required at some point, etc).

            And as a system administrator that configures Linux routers and needs traffic accounting, IP database management, SNMP and ICMP monitoring, some basic firewall management, etc the author (in this case that's me) assumes that you already know what is it all about.

            P.S.: beginning with 2.48 multiport is used instead of mport. So now you don't have to rebuild your kernel and iptables anymore:)

            10 Jan 2006 04:51 metallik

            Re: Need mysql support
            ohh .. The Documentation of the project could be improved, also ... The install part at least :D


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