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24 Apr 2003 20:13 jrobbio

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I'd been scouring the net for a decent web counter / tracker and I really came up trumps with this one. It doesn't rely on any mySQL, which is a bonus and the current CVS version is stonking. The use of reverse DNS comes in very handy and the customisation possibilities are sensible.

I'm looking forward to the implementation of some of the features that appeared in past versions, but everything was recoded. Here's what to look out for (from the site):

Adding the automatic generation of access.php after N (configurable) connections.

Enhanced resolving of non countries extensions or IPs by simply comparing the
address range if it matches to a specific country.

Filter those who came from a search engine and list the top keywords being used for finding our page

Wherever it makes sense producing some simple diagrams for visualizing data.

Adding the capability to watch download on page and classing the most downloaded files.

Adding themes and adding templates inside a template/ subdir.

Rob F Top Fun Websites ( Contact me if you want to view the latest version.

30 Aug 2000 04:10 radium

Nothing to download yet
Ooops, I just added an appindex BUT THERE IS NOTHING TO DOWNLOAD YET : BBclone is not stable enough yet.

I will make an annoucement on freshmeat as soon as a Beta version is relased. Sorry for the inconvenience (I didn't know that appindexes where accessible without an annoucement).

You can try BBStats which is pretty cool :


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