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bastion-firewall is a netfilter-based firewall for Linux that can be configured with config files and used as a normal firewall or as a firewall script generator. It can generate graphical statistics of all the rules traffic in the firewall with Rrdtool. It's integrated with the Snort Inline IPS.


Recent releases

  •  07 Aug 2004 19:55

    Release Notes: This is the first stable version of bastion-firewall. It contains all the functionality, the add-ons to generate graphical stats with Rrdtool, and the add-on to integrate with the Snort Inline IPS.

    Recent comments

    26 Aug 2004 16:07 eliathompson

    This firewall it's easy to use and very powerful
    I can recommend this firewall to everyone that wants a complete but simple firewall, I had it ready in ten minutes and it's working perfectly until now.

    26 Aug 2004 15:24 mulder7

    A good firewall
    A good firewall with lots of options. The capability of creating bash scripts that you can edit to make your own firewall is awesome.

    26 Aug 2004 13:47 luismitrabajo

    The only firewall with graphical stats
    I downloaded this software some days ago and I've been testing it. I love the graphical stats, they can show your traffic in a graphical manner for any rule you choose.

    Good job! Keep working on it.

    25 Aug 2004 12:34 drdoom2

    A firewall with lots of capabilities
    I liked it very much, it's perfect for the advanced user. The lists systems is powerful. It's a pity the tutorials are not yet traduced to English, but with the documentation files and the information in the config files I am using it without a problem. Good job.


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