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Barry is an Open Source application that provides a Desktop GUI, synchronization, backup, restore, program management, and raw channel support for BlackBerry devices.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 Apr 2013 21:08

    Release Notes: This maintenance release added a binary documentation package, many improvements in translation support (including French and partial Spanish), fixed modem support, fixed internal data format, provided Calendar-All support for MIME data exports, and added Evolution 3.6 support to Desktop.

    •  26 May 2012 02:07

      Release Notes: This release added Fedora yum, Ubuntu Precise 12.04 apt support, a new Evolution3 opensync plugin with easier configuration, and the ability to import/export vcard and vevent data from the device. Syncing of recurring calendar items was fixed.

      •  10 Feb 2011 23:15

        Release Notes: USB fixes were made so that Mass Storage and Barry can coexist peacefully. USB Raw channel support was added. A new ALX parser is used. MIME input and output is supported in the library and command line. The BIO tool was added, which includes command line backups. A new backup dump tool is available. Photo syncing can be done in the 0.22 opensync plugin. New PPP modem scripts were added. A new Content Store parser (files) was added.

        •  01 Oct 2009 05:27

          Release Notes: Experimental support for Java Debug Wire Protocol over USB, a threaded backup GUI with a new UI layout, updated modem chatscripts, a new logo and icon, bugfixes in the opensync plugin and pppob, bash completion scripts for bjavaloader and btool, a udev rule cleanup, and support for the BlackBerry Tour.

          •  29 Aug 2009 07:14

            Release Notes: This release adds many new features. The opensync plugin was ported to opensync's devel 0.3x tree. Sync logic for contacts was improved (both 0.22 and 0.4x plugins). A FUSE filesystem driver was provided for browsing BlackBerry databases as files. Internationalization improvements were made in the library and sync. Support for the BlackBerry Storm and Pearl Flip was added. Javaloader support was added, including load, save, erase, info, eventlog, screenshot, wipe, and settime. The backup GUI can now pick the backup destination folder and change between multiple devices.


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