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BAD (BAckup Daemon)

BAD (BAckup Daemon) "watches" a directory and copies any files or directories moved/copied into it to another "backup" directory automatically using inotify. It will automatically generates hashes for files using the md5 hashing algorithm, and stores them in a file for quick and easy integrity checking. It will log (mostly) everything it's doing, and makes it very convenient to grep for certain messages using multiple logging levels which the user can set to get the desired output. It has its own built-in uninstaller which will delete any and all files it has created (besides the user's watch and backup directories).

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Recent releases

  •  27 Feb 2013 04:34

    Release Notes: This release is mainly a lot of bugfixes and major code restructuring. One new feature is the pid file that will disallow two bad processes from runing at once to prevent duplicate logging output and too much resource usage. Logging levels can be set as command line arguments to obtain the desired logging output. A self uninstaller has been added that will delete ~/.bad, the binary, and the manual page. It requires root privileges.


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