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03 Feb 2012 15:42 ccraig13

Another BackupPC convert here! I actually wrote something similar to BackupPC but gave up when I found Bacula. I thought I was going to have to start writing my own again, but thankfully I stumbled upon this! I liked Bacula but got frustrated with corrupted backups and trying to keep track of "Volumes", not to mention that updating also meant updating all the clients as well! I have a mix of OS X (10.6,10.5,10.4 and yes even a 10.3 ), Linux, and Windows so keeping the clients up to date is a pain! Finally decided to look for something new, found BackupPC and the rest is history.

13 Apr 2011 13:01 krisdphillips

Was trying to setup Bacula on our network. After 4 days and much hair loss, not to mention painful client-side software installation, I decided I was going to browse for an alternative. Then, I found backuppc. I installed and configured on my linux server that I was going to use for backups and was amazed at how well it worked and how simple it was to setup. 4 hours later, I now have an effective and tested backup system. Thanks!

30 Apr 2010 09:07 chris_j_w

I have used backuppc for several years now, on a variety of clients sites ranging from soho users up to multi campus enterprise users. It outperforms pretty much all previously used commercial products costing hundreds and in some cases thousands of pounds. Backuppc gets a BIG thumbs up!

21 Oct 2009 03:13 dramenard

Just perfect! After struggling with Bacula and Amanda (they're good but too heavy for me), BackupPC is just perfect!

Thank you for this jewel! Keep up the good work please.

28 Apr 2009 12:41 penguinroar

I use backuppc for our servers and some workstations and while it can appear hard its actually very easy to setup and forget. After some light tweaking things run themselves and neednt much attention at all. Best of all is that restoring backups and individual files to computers or other media is dead simple and easy.

Saves a ton in space on the backup server thanks to compression and pooling. I recommend it [Approved!]

28 Oct 2008 09:59 quityrap

backuppc is good stuff.
I've been quite impressed by backuppc. The web interface is very nice and convenient, but you can also do everything you need to via configuration files and command-line tools. For example, I wrote a script that automates adding a new backed-up server, including generating a SSH public key for it, adding that key to the client machine, and configuring the backup server.

The installation was amazingly easy. The software is only required on the server side, the clients only need rsync via ssh or rsyncd, Samba or similar configured so I didn't have to do any software configurations on them. I had my test system up in under an hour running backups and it was only a few hours to get a full production system up, including going through all the optimizations (IO::Dirent, RSS feeds, etc).

28 Oct 2008 09:52 quityrap

Re: Big security risk
Indeed, backuppc does *NOT* expect that it has remote root access to the system, as you can back up over NFS, Samba, or an rsync daemon. If you configure it to run via rsync over SSH, you do need to have root access to backup files that are not accessible by the backup user, but this access can be limited via SSH authorized_keys entries to only allowing reading files, or writing recovered files into a particular directory.

15 Sep 2007 00:38 cbarratt

Re: Big security risk
Remote root access can be avoided. See:


23 Jun 2007 23:04 floyd59

Excellent network backup
Backuppc is really excellent! After setup, it will happily back up all your computers and laptops to a central server. Big pluses are:

- incredibly efficient pooling of backup files. On my system, 2.7 TERABytes of backup data are compressed/pooled to around 400 GB.

- pooling allows you to back up all your machines completely, without caring much about excludes, since all those duplicated files get pooled and dont use any space!

- pooling also allows you to move/rename/duplicate huge directores without causing backup space to overflow

- configuration is very flexible and well documented, but a bit large because the program is so powerful

All in all: if you have more than a few machines to back up, have a good look at this!

27 May 2007 15:48 Dwonis

Big security risk
BackupPC expects that the backup server will have (more-or-less) remote root access on all the client machines. That's dangerous.


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