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Backup Manager

Backup Manager is a tool for generating archives easily. It is designed for those who don't want an obfuscated tool for backing up their system. It can make tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2, and zip archives, can perform incremental backups, and can upload archives to remote hosts with FTP, SSH, or RSYNC. It can be run in a parallel mode with different configuration files. The configuration file is simple to understand. The backup process can also be customized thanks to hook scripts.


Recent releases

  •  03 Feb 2009 15:48

    Release Notes: This release fixes a bunch of bugs found in the previous release. The most important bugs that were fixed are related to better support for external programs used for archive creation. An annoying bug concerning the SCP upload feature was also closed.

    •  15 Apr 2008 00:03

      Release Notes: This release fixes 15 known bugs found in version 0.7.6. It provides a security fix (password disclosure in FTP uploads) and a new major feature: the ability for the user to adjust the niceness of processes executed by backup-manager (useful for desktop users). A couple of bugs about incremental archives are fixed too.

      •  30 Aug 2007 17:13

        Release Notes: This is the third bugfix version of the stable branch. It fixes a security issue about a password disclosure that occurred during FTP uploads.

        •  10 May 2007 18:30

          Release Notes: This release comes after a couple of months of development. It provides a major security fix for the MySQL backup method, many bugfixes, and better documentation.

          •  17 Sep 2006 13:14

            Release Notes: This release provides a couple of new features: support for lzma archives, encryption of local archives with GPG, and support for FTP transfers over TLS. This release also comes with lots of bugfixes. This is meant to be the last development version before the next stable release.

            Recent comments

            31 May 2009 11:16 Platoxw

            It would be nice for the ease of maintenance if all inclusions and exclusions could be specified in an arry.
            # If one or more of the targets contain a space, use the array:
            # declare -a BM_TARBALL_TARGETS
            # And so on
            export BM_TARBALL_TARGETS

            # Files to exclude when generating tarballs, you can put absolute
            # or relative paths, Bash wildcards are possible.
            #export BM_TARBALL_BLACKLIST="/var/archives /boot/grub/*stage*"

            # This doesn't work but it would be nice if it would:
            # BM_TARBALL_BLACKLIST[0]="/var/archives"
            # BM_TARBALL_BLACKLIST[1]="/boot/grub/*stage*"
            # And so on

            Thanks for the nice program.


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