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Ayttm is an instant messenger program, supporting various protocols such as MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Jabber, and more. It is a fork of Everybuddy, and initially aims to address its problems. It should not segfault when you use it, and should be almost instantly usable by your mother. Almost useless prefs should be hidden, reserved for "advanced" users, and things have to work without wondering what this or that will produce.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  12 Sep 2009 11:24

    Release Notes: The MSN protocol was updated to MSNP15. The Yahoo protocol was updated to YMSG16. Fixes were made for Jabber. Service discovery and GMail notifications are now supported. Spellchecking is now provided by aspell by default. The networking code was overhauled. There is now a transparent connection layer which takes care of SSL, proxies, etc. for the protocols. Improvements were made in support of character encodings other than UTF-8. Ayttm now uses stock icons wherever possible. Various fixes were made to the status window and chat window UI. The deprecated AIM-TOC, ICQ-TOC, and ICQ modules were removed from the package.

    •  10 Jun 2008 20:10

      Release Notes: This release has some major and minor fixes, including the critical Yahoo! protocol update. There are also some new features like the much awaited tray icon.

      •  26 Feb 2004 11:20

        Release Notes: Segmentation faults and bugs with GnomeMeeting, Yahoo! file receiving, and the new Yahoo! authentication scheme were fixed. Yahoo! webcam broadcasting was also implemented.

        •  03 Dec 2003 17:23

          Release Notes: This release fixes compilation issues on Solaris and BSD, Jabber chatroom, and gnomemeeting detection. It also has updated French, Brazilian, and Spanish translations. New features include a "Most recent used" list for chatrooms and a webcam request for Yahoo!.

          •  26 Oct 2003 15:56

            Release Notes: A bug in encoded passwords was fixed. SSL certificates are now checked for SSL servers, preventing MITM attacks from going unnoticed. Auto-completion is now possible in chat, and your MSN-only contacts can get renamed automatically.


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