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Axualize is a tool for creating applications by actualizing Java objects using XML. Axualize is based on JSR-57, and is intended to allow developers to create Java applications dynamically using XML. To understand how this could be useful, imagine a J2EE application with multiple client UIs being generated from Web applications. Using Axualize, you can present multiple form-based GUI front ends to your application by dropping in a Web application which builds your GUI applications using Axualize XML generated with JSP and whatever application framework you please.

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Recent releases

  •  19 Mar 2003 15:22

    Release Notes: This release fixes a bug which caused class loading issues in Java Web Start.

    •  17 Mar 2003 14:01

      Release Notes: The "load-classes" tag handler is now more flexible, allowing for multiple arguments. The "proxy" tag is now more flexible, allowing better parameter class resolution. Some debugging code which should not have made it into the release was removed.

      •  03 Mar 2003 14:38

        Release Notes: BSF engines for "Ruby", "JavaScript", and "BeanShell" were added. "BeanShell" is supported both through BSF and in the default model type. A "MrRoboto" class was added, which creates documents which implement simple java.awt.Robot actions. This MrRoboto class implements KeyListener and MouseListener, and is simply added to each component which will be recorded. A new BSF schema was created to aid creating documents which utilize both standard and BSF namespaces. ProcessHandler has been refactored to behave more like HttpHandler.

        •  26 Feb 2003 19:17

          Release Notes: BSF support was added (see src/xml/examples/scripts.xml for an example). Model interface was added to support BSF. ScriptHandler was added to process stand alone scripts. ExpressionHandler was added to process expressions. bsf.ScriptHandler was added to process stand alone BSF scripts. bsf.ExpressionHandler was added to process BSF expressions. The default model is now BeanShellModel, which provides the same functionally as ModelMap. BeanShellModel was refactored to conform to the Model interface.

          •  18 Feb 2003 23:32

            Release Notes: ArrayHandler has been changed to allow for primitive arrays. "dynamic-thing" has been changed to include a console.


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