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06 Feb 2011 10:38 emiraga

Flashgot extension for firefox has better support for axel (including cookies, referer etc.) starting from version 1.2.8 and newer.
This is a pretty solid way to enable cookies for the original version axel provided by this project.

As far as unofficial development of axel goes, you can checkout this github page for some added extra features.

20 Jun 2009 14:46 emiraga

It's me again, this time with another patch. Cookies don't work well, but i think this is better.

By using multiple threads axel is really fast in the beginning but it becomes slow near the end of downloading. This is because some threads have already finished, while others are bit slower. This patch will reactivate threads to divide parts of file that are left.


07 Apr 2009 12:53 emiraga

Here is a buggy patch for loading cookies from Firefox 3

Hope it works and that you will like it.

27 Sep 2007 14:35 doolyo

Hiding password to users
Here is a way to hide the password to other users on the same server with axel when downloading a file from an ftp account.

Just type this kind of command:

echo |axel -n 5 -

(note the trailing dash '-' at the end of the axel command, else it won't work).

This will pipe the command to the axel stdin, and doing this, the password isn't showed in a 'ps' command. Thus you should always use this kind of commands if you are downloading from a server with many users.



27 Sep 2007 14:25 doolyo

Incredibly fast !!!
This Axel download accelerator for linux is simply absolutely great!

I get much faster connexions with this than with wget.

Here is what I get on my side (for the same file, same server, same computer client):

wget: 238 Kbytes/s

axel: 686 Kbytes/s

This is almost times faster..

It is normal due to the fact that it triggers several connections on the same file, rather than only one connection.

Almost all connections are limited to about 100-200 Kbytes, I don't know where this limitation comes from, but I realised this already with other downloaders.

This is why Axel is so important if you want very fast downloads! (I have to download 5Gbytes of data regularily and it decreases the time from 6 to 2 hours).

Also, with the new fast private connections of up to 15Mbits/s or more, axel will become even more important, because the limit will probably still stay at 240kbytes/s with wget, as it will go well over 1500kbytes/sec with Axel!!

Also, wget will NEVER add several simultaneous downloads as with axel, because they told me this directly.

Therefore, I can only recommend this software and it's continuation. Congratulations to Wilmer!


25 Jun 2007 14:08 robertobech

I´ve just tried Axel, as I had a download scheduled to last 20 minutes, and I had only about 7 minutes left to leave office... well, the same download was finished in exactly seven minutes :-)

Don't know about you guys, but it worked for me. Maybe there are times when it won't work, but at least sometimes it DOES work, so I like Axel. It simple and it works. Thanks to the developer!

22 Mar 2003 14:31 iocain

Re: And again?

> For prozilla speeds, I did my own estimations based on download time.

I'm interested to see how some performance tests will come out, too. When I have time, I'll try Axel, Prozilla, Wget, and Lftp. Both Prozilla and Lftp will open multiple connections to *one* site. I've been hunting for a long time for something like Axel, which will open multiple connections to multiple mirrors. That's not always necessary, but some of the time, it could make a big difference. It might help spread the load across servers all of the time, too, if it becomes popular enough.

Thanks for putting this together, Wilmer!

19 Feb 2002 19:39 Evanidus

And again?
For prozilla speeds, I did my own estimations based on download time. (22.7mb file)

GNU Wget 1.7: 217 kbytes/sec
Axel 1.0a: 231 kbytes/sec
Prozilla 1.3.6: 225 kbytes/sec (300% faster heh?) + ca and (same file)

Axel 1.0a: 85 kbytes/sec
Prozilla 1.3.6: 90 kbytes/sec


I kinda prefer axel to prozilla mainly because it is smaller and seem to work as well. (At least for me) - I like small programs ;)

Yet I usualy just use wget or fget (Multiple connections doesn't seem to improve speed that much, prefer to stick with a single one) - I'm guessing this is probably more helpful for people with slow connections.

Anyway, good work.

Note: my cable is a little slow/unstable tonight, might have affected the results.

02 Sep 2001 11:03 lucumo

Re: Axel bechmarked...again....
% > (I think) and maybe Wilmer can save some time by not lseek()ing in the file,

% I can, but it'll mess things up seriously... ;-)

Hehehe. You know, what I mean, don't you :)

01 Sep 2001 17:53 lintux

Re: Axel bechmarked...again....
> Thank you for your kind response. Especially since mine wasn't that kind and even uninformed.
Yes, I am very happy about the change of your tone! :-)

> Hmmm, that's odd. Now what could cause that difference than?
Mysterious... :-| Maybe it's because of the stalls, I haven't really had the chance to test the reconnection mechanism very well because it's expensive to test the program on the big bad Internet.

> (I think) and maybe Wilmer can save some time by not lseek()ing in the file,
I can, but it'll mess things up seriously... ;-)

> > I tried axel and (no offense meant to Wilmer, I applaud anyone who develops free software) but looking at his code and the frequent SIGSEGV's that it gives, and the general developement of Axel in general I get the impression of a authour who know very little of what he is doing.
Doesn't sound nice, but it's a bit true. All I can say is that I don't release the program when I get segmentation faults on my system. But I've experienced segfaults on other system with my program and I feel sorry for it. I feel ashamed. I feel bad. I want to change, but I just can't afford hours online to test the program. Not yet.

> And I put a lot of trust in the next version.
Thanks. :-)

Anyway, Mike, I couldn't find your e-mail address on google or your user page, so please mail me at and we'll see what we can do. I believe your benchmarks, the only problem is that I don't understand why they're like that. I would love to see this disappear, so that the choice of download accelerator for Linux will be a matter of taste, not a matter of speed...

Wilmer van der Gaast. (Very busy on a major redesign on Axel)


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