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Avifile is a library that allows you to read and write compressed AVI files in most common video & audio formats (Indeo® Video, DivX, etc.) under x86 Linux. Compression and decompression are performed with Win32 DLLs. It includes a simple AVI player and a Video4Linux capture program. Currently it is under heavy development, and while some features (such as AVI playback) already work, some (audio compression) are not yet successfully implemented.


Recent releases

  •  03 Apr 2003 22:38

    Release Notes: XFT support has been reenabled. A file missing from the 33 release has been added.

    •  14 Nov 2001 11:44

      Release Notes: A solution for popup window problem with latest Qt libraries is included. Many other bugfixes were added. There are still some remaining problems with font names in Qt3 libraries.

      •  28 Oct 2001 16:37

        Release Notes: Several known compilation problems were resolved. This version also fixes some problems with the registry for Win32 codecs. DivX4 codecs settings for brightness, contrasts, and saturation (for YUY2 and RGB modes) are now supported. This version should be compilable with Qt3.0, but there is still an unresolved problem with Windows popup menus.

        •  09 Feb 2001 07:42

          Release Notes: Minor bugfixes, performance enhancments in DirectShow, and restored MJPEG functionality.

          •  16 Dec 2000 05:20

            Release Notes: YUV (hardware) support and bugfixes.

            Recent comments

            24 Apr 2002 23:16 Apopatos

            Very strong!
            I used Xine-0.9.8 and Mplayer-0.9pre1 and never avifile.They are excellent players and I could play all of my videos with them. But when I tried to playback a quite huge divx 768x576 with 1392.71 kb/s, xine and MPlayer sucks in my Duron 800. I tried with WMP7.1 in Windows and of course the result was worst. So I tried avifile 0.7 and now I work only with it. It played my video very easy in fullscreen. Now I installed 0.7.3 . Even better.


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