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autostatus is yet another network monitoring program. It was designed to be easy to use and configure, fast and efficient. The 'fast' and 'efficient' part is handled by making autostatus aware of network hierarchies, and avoiding checking a host or service when another host/service/link upon which it is dependent is unavailable. It exploits maximum parallelism during its checking to speed up monitoring.


Recent releases

  •  02 Aug 2000 15:51

    Release Notes: Browser auto-refresh and expires capability have been added. Fixes have been made for bugs that caused hosts to be tcpchecked too often, problems with the threshhold specifier, and the stripping of #s from %HTML line specifiers.

    •  11 May 2000 08:47

      Release Notes: A very beta patch to allow the webpage to display information gathered via SNMP from devices which respond as "up". (e.g. OS version, or printer status, etc.)

      •  27 Jul 1999 02:59

        Release Notes: Thresholds are now completely user-configurable. An external program may be spawned in response to a network change event. Several sections of code were rewritten for increased clarity, the makefile was improved, and the TODO list is now included in the distribution by default. The new interfaces are subject to potential change as they develop, but will remain in some form in the next full release.

        •  24 Jun 1999 00:40

          Release Notes: This release has one major bugfix for monitoring ports. In addition, it has more clean output HTML, and a few more options for tweaking the HTML and email output formats. The documentation has been rewritten and is much more readable.

          •  02 Apr 1999 15:31

            Release Notes: Improved email subject - event content option, added configuration for the up/down/maybe messages, added emergency contact in case of a fatal error (like a missing fping or tcpcheck), minor bugfixes, and added alternate icons which provide shape cues.


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