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AutoScrapbook helps automate the creation and maintenance of an online photo gallery. It creates the thumbnails and Web pages for you by asking you for descriptions of the pictures. It works best when run under Linux and within X (for picture viewing), but you could use it through only a terminal and a separate browser if necessary. It can optionally allow you to delete, rename, and rotate images during the description process. It can also use the programs exif, exiftags, and/or jhead to access EXIF data from the images and/or store descriptions within the JPEG header. Note that this program creates a static Web site around existing images, using the existing directory structure as the heirarchy for the Web site.


Recent releases

  •  07 Apr 2006 08:20

    Release Notes: Support for use of IPTC information was added.

    •  06 Apr 2004 17:35

      Release Notes: General code cleanup and support for thumbnail, medium, and large images in addition to the original.

      •  24 Jan 2003 04:42

        Release Notes: Minor code cleanups, and a new --nomed switch.

        •  09 Nov 2002 00:26

          Release Notes: A few minor issues when using jhead to embed descriptions within images have been addressed.

          •  31 Oct 2002 19:00

            Release Notes: This release can use the 'jhead' program to embed image descriptions within the JPEG header. It can also use the exiftags program in addition to the exif program to retrieve more EXIF data from images.


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