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22 Jul 2002 07:03 autonoc

Re: Yanopa.

> Yet Another Non Open-source Payware App.

You are certainly correct.

The Freshmeat release of AutoNOC(tm) does include a fully functional, unlimited device 30 day trial license built-in. Additionally, as a special hack for Freshmeat users, you can get another 30 days by deleting your operations model and creating a new one from scratch.

AutoNOC(tm) is primarily designed for production use within data centers and organizations seeking detailed, easy to use web based operations management. The licensing fee for AutoNOC exists predominantly to fund on-going development of the AutoNOC kernel and to offset the high quality of service we strive to deliver for our customers.

17 Jul 2002 22:18 gogetyourcoat

Yet Another Non Open-source Payware App. :o(


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