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autofs is a kernel-based automounter for Linux. It performs a job similar to amd but relies on a small stub of kernel code instead of pretending to be an NFS server. The result is simpler code, better reliability, and much faster operation in the common case (everything already mounted). Autofs 4 adds support for automounting trees of exported filesystems via /net.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  09 May 2010 22:01

    Release Notes: Major changes since the last entry.

    •  03 Dec 2001 21:26

      Release Notes: This release supports "tree mounts", where a single key implies multiple mount points. This is particularly useful to support a universal mount point, frequently referred to (and mounted) as /net.

      •  04 Nov 2000 22:04

        Release Notes: This version should fix problems with local filesystems. If you are using a 2.4 series kernel, mount 2.10p (from the util-linux package) is highly recommended.

        •  19 Oct 2000 11:43

          Release Notes: This release includes LDAP lookup, adjusts bind mounts to util-linux 2.10o and linux-2.4.0-test*, fixes race in SIGCHLD, and "missing module name" in the multimount module.

          •  03 Jun 2000 04:37

            Release Notes: This version supports "bind" mounts introduced in linux-2.3.99-pre7.7 instead of using symlinks. If you are using a version of the Linux kernel which supports "bind" mounts, you will no longer see symlinks when mounting local filesystems.


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