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06 Aug 2004 12:12 normanr

Yes autocutsel works with RH 9.0.
First of all make sure you have you select/copy/paste basics right:

In Windows you have to select your text then manually opt to copy it to the clipboard, paste is also a manual/menu option, or often right click.

In *nix when you select text in a window it automatically gets copied into the CUTBUFFER, and to dump that text to a window you use middle click. The new copy/paste function that gnome and kde support use the PRIMARY selection buffer which is totally separate.

The problem is that VNC only uses the CUTBUFFER, so the solution is to use xcutsel or autocutsel to synchronise these buffers.

more info here: Q25 [ ( ] and pipermail [ ( ]

25 Jun 2003 06:03 cbTurner

Does autocutsel work with RH 9.0?
I have only recently tried autocutsel, and I must be missing something. It starts fine from the command line, then I start TightVNC on a particular Linux console. Then I logon from a Windows TightVNC client --- all goes well. But I can't seem to get it to work past that. I use a Linux app of some kind --- Linux terminal or nedit or something -- copy and paste works fine in Linux. But open a Windows notepad and try to paste; nothing is there. Am I doing this right? I didn't see any users' guide or anything. Did RH 9.0 and the threading changes break this app?

14 Jul 2001 10:43 Ironcraft

Really a great ...
... tool, works fine between Win and the VNC desktop on the Unix - machine.

Great work and no clicking for the clipboard anymore


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