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Autobench is a collection of scripts designed to automate the process of benchmarking a Webserver (or for conducting a comparative test of two different Webservers). Autobench runs httperf a number of times against each host, increasing the number of requested connections per second on each iteration, and extracts the significant data from the httperf output, delivering a CSV or TSV file which can be imported directly into a spreadsheet for analysis, or GNUplotted using the included bench2graph script.


Recent releases

  •  26 Nov 2003 00:50

    Release Notes: This version adds a new option, --const_test_time, which allows all tests to be forced to take approximately the same real time; this prevents the early tests in a series taking several times longer than the later ones, and makes it easier to ensure that the test will last long enough for httperf to sample. Support for httperf options that don't take an argument (such as --ssl) was added.

    •  15 Oct 2002 21:19

      Release Notes: A bug where httperf wouldn't be killed when autobenchd received "ABORT" from autobench_admin and sent a SIGTERM to its child has been fixed.

      •  14 Oct 2002 22:31

        Release Notes: This release includes "Distributed Autobench", which adds support for automated control of a cluster of benchmarking clients, allowing benchmarks to be run from a number of machines simultaneously against the same Web server, with automated collation and reporting of the results.

        •  21 Jun 2001 13:34

          Release Notes: A new script which uses gnuplot to generate graphs directly from the output of Autobench (this eliminates the requirement to import the results into a spreadsheet for graphing).

          •  23 Mar 2001 20:30

            No changes have been submitted for this release.


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