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aumix is a program for adjusting an audio mixer. It can run under X with GTK+, in full-screen text mode with ncurses and (if available) gpm, or non-interactively, and can store all settings in a file. It works with the OSS API.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 May 2010 10:53

    Release Notes: This is a maintenance release. Several bugs were fixed, including some that could cause crashes. The build system was updated.

    •  13 Apr 2010 14:36

      Release Notes: The "mute" script is always installed. A manual page was written for the "mute" script. The xaumix(1) man page follows standards better. The record/play indicators in the GTK+ interface now have distinct shapes so they can be distinguished by color-blind users or on a monochrome display, and can now be hidden. The GTK+ "Load from" and "Save to" dialog windows now close once a selection is made. Non-ASCII text now displays correctly with GTK+ 2.x. Catalan and Italian translations were added. The Linux device filesystem is now supported.

      •  25 Nov 2002 05:24

        Release Notes: Security notes were added to the installation instructions. Several possible security bugs were corrected. New el, nl, and zh_CN translations were added. The es, gl, ja, pt_BR, sv, and uk translations were updated. New items were added to the View menu (GTK+ only). The state of the "Mute All" button was corrected (GTK+ only). Support was added for GTK+ 2.0. A bug with digital inputs may have been fixed. A shell script for muting and un-muting was added. Console mouse support on FreeBSD 5.0-CURRENT has been re-enabled.

        •  13 Jul 2000 14:40

          Release Notes: Partial Japanese and Swedish message catalogs have been added. Changes to the i18n have been made to permit selection of character sets and translation of accelerator keys. The instructions for NetBSD have been corrected, and a NetBSD package is available for testing from

          •  27 Jun 2000 09:12

            Release Notes: Some "fuzzy" lines were removed from de.po and ru.po, so more messages will be translated. Compilation without GTK+ or without ncurses works again. Overflows with the -C and -L options have been corrected. The DATADIRNAME bug has been fixed. The building process is less dependent on GNU make. In the ncurses screen, the width of the menu and the labels varies according to LANG. The accelerator keys for the GTK+ menus are now translatable. The xaumix script, xaumix.1, and color schemes are only installed when ncurses support is chosen. Instructions for the -C and -I options are only shown when those options are available.

            Recent comments

            24 Nov 2003 00:19 cnaguet

            Great stuff
            I use it on command line only mode and it does its job very well. Easy to install, easy to use.

            23 Jan 2000 11:54 trevor

            re: bloat
            Hi, Karellen. IMO using 8 Pentium MHz and 1048 kB of RAM isn't worrisome, but if you have ideas for reducing bloat I'd like to hear them.

            The only ALSA-specific feature in the program was support for hardware muting, but that's disabled because of undocumented changes to the ALSA drivers. Accordingly I've removed (or asked to have removed) the claims of ALSA compatibility from the descriptions on, on, in the Web page, and in the LSM file. Lately most of my development time has been under FreeBSD, so it's difficult for me to follow the happenings with ALSA. However, I'd welcome patches to improve compatibility with ALSA.

            I'd prefer you wrote to the mailing list ( because I seldom check the comments on

            31 Dec 1999 07:16 karellen

            Why is aumix so bloated? 2.0 consumes 4% of my CPU (P200MMX)
            and 3.2% of my memory (32 MB). And it doesn't work with ALSA
            0.4.x unless I load the snd-mixer-oss module.


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