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August is a free html editor for the UNIX platform. It is a non- wysiwyg editor, like Aswedit or Hotdog, and is written with the Tcl/TK scripting language and graphical toolkit.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  16 Apr 2001 17:59

    Release Notes: Replacement of the status bar indicator with balloon help, a fix for a bug in file_save_as proc, replacing the Preview button with a Preview menu with keyboard shortcuts, experimental preview with Konqueror, improved insertion of the A HREF tag, code wrapping around highlighted URLs, insertion of date/time from the tools menu, and ability to switch off syntax coloring.

    •  10 Nov 2000 00:43

      Release Notes: This release fixes the syntax highlighting bug that caused it to miss the last visible line in the window. Syntax highlighting is now slightly faster. Local link functionality has been added to the hyperlink button. Minor adjustments and additions have been made to the help file and tool tips. The editor line wrap setting is now properly saved. Syntax higlighting now works when opening files with the "-all" command line switch.

      •  31 Jul 2000 13:14

        Release Notes: The weblint syntax check window now prints the weblint version number. A bug that prevented the use of HTML tags with """ in the user-configurable menu has been fixed. The format of the "Augustoptions.tcl" file has changed -- you may have to delete or edit the old file to be able to run August.

        •  22 Jun 2000 23:24

          Release Notes: Basic but useful syntax highlighting was implemented. August can now be configured to use the last directory visited when opening and saving files. Syntax checking with Weblint was implemented. New keyboard shortcuts were added. Bugfixes were made. August is now available as a wrapped standalone executable.

          •  21 May 2000 20:23

            Release Notes: No more running multiple August windows (running multiple windows can create seriuos confusion if the user opens the same file twice in different instances), functional Undo with lines that contain """, "[" or "{" characters, Spanish and Italian special characters insertion, addition of the "*.PHP" format to the file selector in the "Open file" dialog, and Windows support.

            Recent comments

            17 Aug 2001 01:02 zozo2001

            best ever
            although it does not look complete .. it is better than netscape editor and screem put together .. this is the one to get !!


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