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Auditor security collection

The Auditor security collection is a live-system based on KNOPPIX. It provides tools for analyzing the security of a system. It features a menu structure that reflects the stages of a security check: foot-printing, analysis, scanning, wireless, brute-forcing, cracking. In addition to about 300 security tools, the collection includes background information regarding standard configuration and passwords, truly extensive word lists, and more mundane productivity tools.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  22 Jun 2005 16:47

    Release Notes: There are now two different ISO images because IPW2200-based systems run into trouble when ipw2100 drivers are installed.

    •  19 Apr 2005 14:31

      Release Notes: The "nopcmcia" option was removed from savemode. A new kernel was built. New applications were added, including Nasty (a GPG secret key bruteforcer), aireply (airforge), Exploit tree, Kwifimanager, lsrscan, SMBspy, and a version of gpsd with better USB support. BIND 9 was added again. New drivers and patches were added for RTC support in the kernel, prism54, madwifi, hostap, and wlanng patched for packet injection. Bugfixes were made for the John default files. PCMCIA configuration for other cards was added. Some scripts were fixed.

      •  14 Mar 2005 11:33

        Release Notes: Some of the boot framebuffer pictures were removed, leaving only the kanotix bootsplash. The key layout selection was removed because KDE can switch layouts on the fly. All default Knoppix/Kanotix boot parameters now work. Sound card detection was reintroduced. The desktop was switched to a stripped KDE installation. A new background and menu structure were provided. New applications were included.

        •  10 Oct 2004 07:26

          Release Notes: This version updates the boot and background graphics, and the boot procedures. It adds boot parameters for skipping the keyboard selection dialog. It disables the soundcard detection on default. The size of the terminals of applications have been modified. A "Digital forensics" section has been added, as has a "Honeypot" section. There are massive changes in the wireless menu, new wireless tools for WEP cracking and WPA bruteforcing. Many new tools were added and updated where needed. Nessus plugins are now updatable using a memory stick.

          •  25 Jun 2004 23:14

            Release Notes: Keyboard mapping is choosable during boot. ZIP compression is used. Booting from a USB CD-ROM device is supported now. There is a new boot menu and new resolutions, Linux 2.6.6, new WLAN drivers, better support for newer Orinoco firmware, Dragorn's Orinoco monitor mode patch, better ACPI support, ALSA 1.0.4, a new hydra version including a nice GUI (XHydra), and a new Wellenreiter version that supports all cards again. Kismet now scans all 14 channels as its default setting. The Metasploit framework has been added, and IPW2100 centrino cards optimized. Nessus plugins have been upgraded. There are some bugfixes.


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