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AudioLink is a tool that makes searching for music on your local storage media easier and faster. Your searches can include a variety of criteria, like male artists, female artists, band, genre, etc. It is flexible: you can use a command line interface or your choice of multiple GUIs, design your own search criteria, etc. You can search MP3 and Ogg files and use AudioLink to categorize your music collection.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 Dec 2003 20:41

    Release Notes: This release is a big step forward as far as the usability and user-friendliness of the package goes. There's a new script, audiolink, which (interactively) creates a config file for the user which stores oft-used settings. The new script also creates the database and tables, so there is no need to do 'make createdb', etc., which is a big plus for general users.

    •  03 Nov 2003 15:21

      Release Notes: The and scripts have moved to alsearch and alfilldb, respectively. The alfilldb script now guesses fields for the artist, title, etc. from the filename. You'll be presented with a numbered list to select an entry. Ogg Vorbis file format support was added.

      •  24 Sep 2003 19:16

        Release Notes: You can specify which host runs the MySQL server, and specify the username and password for the MySQL database on the command line. An option to write the data entered by the user back to the ID3 tag is added. For filling the database, you can specify individual files to be added to the database. Before, only files inside a directory could be added recursively. The search criteria now supports multiple --artist entries. There is a --help option for both the scripts; the usage output now lists all the possible options available.

        •  18 Sep 2003 12:34

          Release Notes: This new release features a lot of improvements over the previous release, like support for multiple update methods (basic, limited, all), options for just updating the database with new ID3 information, and more.

          •  15 Sep 2003 20:09

            No changes have been submitted for this release.


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