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Audiogalaxy Satellite

Audiogalaxy's Satellite is a distributed music search agent. It is a small application which does mp3 searching and file transfer and makes a designated directory on your computer searchable by other Satellite users. It features a real-time transaction-based system for file sharing. The Linux version has no user interface, but files are selected via the Web for transfer from other users.


Recent releases

  •  25 Jul 2000 17:52

    Release Notes: A bug in file scanning that appeared to freeze the application was fixed, as well as a minor file scanning bug that would cause a server and client to get out of sync. ID3v2 v1 tags are now supported.

    •  12 Jun 2000 21:03

      Release Notes: VBR and ID3v2 tag detection was added. Now supports transfers over rotating gateway machines. Many other bugfixes were made.

      •  22 May 2000 17:27

        Release Notes: The 128 byte file length problem (which used to crash Satellite) has been fixed, easier auto-upgrade features are now in place, SOCK_REUSEADDR has been turned on again, and many other minor fixes have been made. A German readme file is now included.

        •  25 Apr 2000 23:15

          Release Notes: A fix for accepted sockets not being set non-blocking, misc. transfer fixes, and server connect cleanup.

          •  17 Apr 2000 21:26

            Release Notes: Lots of file scanning fixes, support for 5,000 directories, and a fix for a file transfer bug fixed relating to socket listening.

            Recent comments

            22 Apr 2002 16:48 fateswarm

            IT WORKS
            I had similar problems but after following a suggestion here it worked well.

            just "chmod 444 account.txt"
            and do the same for shares.txt and it'll work like a champ.

            17 Mar 2002 19:17 fredlwm

            Re: It works!
            First line: login
            Second line: password

            17 Mar 2002 06:37 xlord

            Re: It works!
            well do you mind giving me the syntax of it cause i still cant get it to work...
            see this is what im doing..


            that is all thouse are 2 makebelieve username and pass hehe i would like to know is this correct or am i missing something... ?

            06 Mar 2002 11:11 bluepuyo

            It works!
            Okay, I've been having these invalid account problems also, even though I have a valid account and have formatted my account.txt as suggested in these comments.

            I finally got sick of re-creating account.txt and removed my privledges as a user so it *couldn't* be deleted.

            And guess what? Now it all works dandy again, from a user account and everything. I logged off and tried again, and again, it worked.

            I hope this helps others.

            01 Mar 2002 22:37 matusa

            hello everyone
            they changed the format of the files, they don't fall the READMEs
            anymore. This change has been active maybe 2 months, or 1 1/2 months, it is now march 1.

            shares.txt is as always, a file containing simply a path to the shared folder

            account.txt is now slightly different; it has two lines, though now they are

            USERNAME (not email)

            hope this helps



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