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01 Jan 2007 23:56 oxygenic

Re: Bad software
Fair comments are always welcome.

The software is open source so you can feel free to fix whatever you don't like or where you think something doesn't works.

17 Nov 2003 20:34 ruddo

Bad software
There are no RPM or DEB packages.

The installer is broken and I had to install it by hand. I luckily checked the script before I ran it, and didn't run as root. It has a hard-coded path of /usr/local/audiocutter and the installer litters the /usr directory (reserved for package-managed software) with menu entries (this sucks).

When I got to install it, when I ran it, it hung when I clicked okay in the preferences dialog. It also hung when I ran it again and begun a new project.

Seriously recommend the author to read:

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