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audio_burn is a commandline audio cd burning application written in C. It uses libaudioburn (also written in C) for all of the real work, which in turn uses several other Free Software packages. It accepts WAV, Ogg, and MP3 input files, decodes them, and (optionally) normalizes them before writing them to CD.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Apr 2004 04:11

    Release Notes: This version explicitly drops privileges in all code paths after running cdrecord. A --atapi option was added to support probing IDE CD-ROM devices, along with --atapi-dev=DEV to specify a specific device (of the form /dev/hdX). The explicit -tao option is used by default unless -dao is specified. A cdrecord/device probing parse bug that caused some devices to show up with the wrong bus, target, lun, and label was fixed along with a crash bug that occurred when reading configuration files that were longer than expected due to not clearing the input buffer between reads.

    •  01 Mar 2004 08:36

      Release Notes: This version added support for burning multiple copies of the same CD and configuration file support in libaudioburn (command line arguments take precedence). A gracetime option was added to shorten the wait time before burning, and support was included for enabling burn-free (buffer-underrun) mode if available. CD devices are now reported as CD-ROM devices rather than SCSI devices.

      •  08 Jan 2004 07:15

        Release Notes: This version gains a CREDITS file, sets the default burn speed to be the fastest possible, adds support for files with mixed case extensions, adds support for M3U format playlists, and improves error handling and reporting in several places.

        •  08 Dec 2003 14:25

          Release Notes: A small delay was added in between I/O callbacks to make the output smoother during the decoding and normalization stages. WAV file headers are properly checked to see if resampling is necessary. The WAV file header is now directly read instead of relying on the shell tool "file", since some versions did not properly report the required information. A session at once option (commonly referred to as disk-at-once) was added.

          •  06 Sep 2003 19:52

            Release Notes: All specified songs are now properly checked to make sure they can fit on CD (based on time) before decoding anything, rather than after. A --cdlength command line option was added for specifying longer or shorter target audio disc lengths. 74 minutes is the default. Minor cosmetic changes were made to the help and run-time output.

            Recent comments

            31 Jul 2003 21:40 msilveira

            The only one I could use
            This program was the only one I've been able to use successfully to burn my mp3->cdda. Works great, simple, console-based. Neat.


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