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20 Jan 2012 17:31 SongDog

Updated Dec 2011, see

12 Aug 2006 22:57 honewatson

Audacity is quite powerful for a multitrack editor
It may not be ProTools but Audacity is a cool piece of software. Does what most people will need it for.

03 Nov 2005 01:41 beltundsund

Its hard to find free audio software for osx. thank you.
maybe .au support and tempo/time pitch for drum loops in the future :)

01 Dec 2004 21:45 lurid_sorcerer

Highly useful
I've used this to record my own mp3's of myself playing my guitar. I can take these to my friend's house and then burn them to a CD. Then I can play this CD for my friends and family.

I can also import .WAV files recorded from video games emulators and then transmute them into .mp3's and put those onto CD's for playing role-playing games.

I havn't seen any bugs as of yet, and I'm glad they have a linux version, because I'll be abandoning Windows ASAP.

Overall, it's awesome. I've seen and done so many things with it (recording songs, exporting .WAV files to .mp3, recording voice-acting for Flash movies, etc...). Keep up the good work; I might just cry if it disappears.

28 Oct 2003 22:35 skquinn

Very nice program!
This is one of the best examples of just how far free
software has come over the years. Audacity packs a lot of
punch and is easily one of the "killer apps" of the free
software revolution.

05 Jul 2002 11:51 bcrowell

very promising
This is a nifty project that seems to be progressing rapidly. There are a few rough edges, which isn't surprising for beta software, but in general I'm very impressed. One pleasant surprise was that Audacity was much easier to use than the non-free recording software I've tried -- isn't open-source software supposed to be user-hostile? I was able to start doing multitrack recording within five minutes, without reading the documentation. It's also very cool that it's cross-platform. Making open-source apps available on non-free OSes is a great way to spread the gospel, and personally my Mac is better suited to recording than the low-end PC I use to run Linux. Bravo!

22 Jul 2001 19:45 infosec

Audacity Is Amazing!!!
This is the exact piece of software I have been
looking for. It does what I need it to do, and it
works very well!! If you ever wanted to master
your own mix CDs, this program totally fits the bill.


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