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AFS Tool Suite

AFS Tool Suite is a set of scripts (mostly Python) and a library of classes and utility functions for use in an AFS (Andrew File System) cell. The package is mostly geared toward cell administrators.

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Recent releases

  •  09 Apr 2002 17:52

    Release Notes: Caching of quota_partinfo data has been added. Library code for parsing gather_committal_stats output and producing GIF (gnuplot) or ASCII reports has been added. Many bugs have been fixed throughout the code since the last FM release notice.

    •  01 Feb 2001 19:48

      Release Notes: quota_partinfo now does the right calculation when volumes are found with no quota set. A volume found with quota of 0 is counted as the whole partition size. Bugs were fixed in the VosExamineData class where invalid data would be stored when examining a volume which is currently busy, and with afs_utils->CheckQuotas and afs_quotapartinfo to throw a warning message for those volumes being checked who are busy and cannot be checked properly.


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