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02 Aug 2007 10:08 sashav

Future releases
Thank you all for many years of support of aterm - it was fun.

aterm 1.0.1 is probably the very last release of aterm.

Everyone should start using rxvt-unicode as it is much more up-to-date and handles unicode realy well. All of the aterm's visual features will be and already are ported into rxvt-unicode, and I personally will work on rxvt-unicode exclusively from now on.

26 Jul 2006 13:07 uicukie

aterm fonts
I can't for the life of me figure out to configure aterm to change fonts dynamically. In the manuals, there's a mention of changing fonts on the fly, but so far everything i tried didnt work.

here's what i found: "You can change fonts on-the-fly, which is to say cycle through the default font and others of various sizes, by using Shift-KP_Add and Shift-KP_Subtract. Or, alternatively (if enabled) with Alt-> and Alt-<, where the actual key can be selected using resources smallfont_key/bigfont_key."

this method doesn't work, or it doesn't work the way i try it. So please let me know how to do it properly.


10 Jul 2006 20:19 bragatto

Re: removing borders

I meant "up left icon" instead of "up right icon"!


10 Jul 2006 20:15 bragatto

Re: removing borders



> % could you send me that file plz?

> %

> % my email address is




> mail is out.

> have fun!

Altouhgh I was the first one to add a comment here, I just decided to come back today, 5 years later and I really dont know why. LOL!

Im still using aterm as my favorite terminal. Since Im running KDE (wich is some kind of wierd to me to addmit cause I was a huge windowmaker entustiast), I dont have any trouble about removing borders cause its handled by the KDE itself.

In order to achieve that, you may click on the icon up right at the desired window (of course it can change depending on your's "Window Decorations" located at "Appearence & Themes" on the KDE Control Center), access the "Advanced" menu and select "No Border".

After resizing, moving and removing borders, I save my KDE session to always start with my aterm terminals already opened the way I like.

I must say that's a sortcut to access that "up right icon" (but I dont know if will work for everybody):

ALT+SPACEBAR -> Advanced -> No Border

31 Dec 2004 05:43 huander

Re: aterm+vi--->elvis problem
Thanks,... Good option for my aterm and vi....

02 Jul 2004 09:43 mzipay

Re: aterm+vi--->elvis problem
adding "-tn xterm" to your aterm options will solve the problem you see with elvis (i have successfully used aterm-0.4.2 with elvis since slackware 9.0).

21 Apr 2004 04:38 marzen

Re: aterm+vi--->elvis problem

> Love aterm, but it seems to have a

> problem with vi when linked to elvis.

> If you can fix this in upcoming versions

> that would be great. A temporary fix is

> to link vim and vi, but i prefer elvis

> over vim. Other than this, aterm is

> AOK.

same problem here. i really want to use aterm, but i couldnt, cause its too buggy with my favourite editor vim.

it would be really nice, if this will get fixed....


19 Feb 2004 02:27 red_dragon

Re: removing borders

> could you send me that file plz?
> my email address is

mail is out.
have fun!

15 Feb 2004 21:28 alien0us

Re: removing borders

> %
> % % aterm itself doesn`t support that,
> % but
> % % you can do that without a problem.
> % %
> % % Have a look at bblaunch, a tool of
> % % blackbox. download/install
> %
> % Where download bblaunch? On http: //
> %
> is
> % not found.
> Yep, i know this is hard to find. I had
> to look several days to find it ...
> quite strange cause it is a really cool
> tool.
> Keep looking on google for it, if you
> dont succeed I can send
> it you via mail. Just give me your
> address and I can send it to you.

could you send me that file plz?

my email address is

08 Feb 2004 03:26 crashnburn


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