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AsyncFP is a Scala project with composable actors that interoperate both synchronously and asynchronously. The current focus is on providing a kit for creating high-performance custom NoSQL databases. The small datastore currently under development is a crash-proof in-memory database supporting multiple queries or single update. Updates write to a backing disk file.


Recent releases

  •  31 Oct 2011 06:46

    Release Notes: Messages sent to an empty mailbox are now processed 10x faster. Mailbox is now a trait with several implementations to choose from. There is a critical bugfix to RecordUpdate.

    •  24 Oct 2011 12:39

      Release Notes: A new datastore, Swift, only periodically updates its datastore, and on restart the tail of the old log file is used to create a current version. The transaction rate is now limited primarily by flushes to the log file.

      •  15 Oct 2011 13:05

        Release Notes: This release fixes RecordUpdate. It was not changing the record timestamp, which broke opportunistic locking.

        •  12 Oct 2011 09:23

          Release Notes: Small records datastore supports batch updates and opportunistic locking. Several bugs were fixed in the IncDes package.

          •  04 Oct 2011 04:27

            Release Notes: It is now possible to rebuild from the transaction log files to resize or recover a small datastore.


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