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astahttpd web server

astahttpd is a modular Web server that is mainly targeted at PHP developers. It supports alias directories, URL rewriting, Basic and Digest authentication, gzip and deflate content encoding, name-based virtual hosts, CGI script processing, bandwidth limiting, and add-on modules.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  01 Apr 2008 08:45

    Release Notes: Win32 support was added. Some parts were moved into modules, creating mod_static, mod_log, and mod_dir_browser. New mod_autofix_uri and mod_cache modules were added. The pcntl extension is no longer required. Support for IP-based virtual hosts was dropped. Many improvements were made. A bug where internal GZIP compression not work was fixed along with a problem where the same header name wasn't handled more than once in HTTP headers.

    •  07 Feb 2008 21:41

      Release Notes: Digest authentication. A modular architecture. Currenly available modules: mod_auth_basic, mod_auth_digest, mod_bandwidth, mod_cgi_header, mod_cgi, mod_encoding, mod_rewrite, mod_status, and mod_vhost. Bug #1887560 (CGI header was not handled properly), bug #1885235 (errors not properly handled on external gzip), and bug #1885216 (missing compression level on external gzip) have been fixed.

      •  01 Feb 2008 21:14

        Release Notes: A manual and API documentation have been added. URL rewriting has been added. A deflate format for Content-Encoding has been added (PHP must be compiled using --with-zlib). Basic Authentication has been added. The license has changed from the GPLv2 to the GPLv3. There is a new comment style to suit the PHPDocumentor style guide. Logs are written to files (access_log and rewrite_log). Bug #1882558, Always return Error 500 when listing a directory, has been fixed.

        •  26 Jan 2008 23:27

          Release Notes: Content Encoding support (gzip format) was added. Support was added for virtual host (both IP and name based virtual host). A bug in which \r\n\r\n characters on terminal based requests could not be handled was fixed.

          •  23 Jan 2008 19:41

            No changes have been submitted for this release.


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