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Association Subscribers Manager

Association Subscribers Manager is software designed to manage members of associations. An "association" can be a club sport, a music club, etc.; it is highly customizable. It can manage groups of several thousand members. It is written in C++ with Qt 4 as a GUI framework. All generated files are in an XML-based format to guarantee interoperability.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  23 Feb 2010 07:38

    Release Notes: All translations were updated. A theme feature and a custom fields feature were added. More compilation macros were added to the help packagers. The settings system code was rewritten to make it simpler. GUI changes were made to reflect the settings update. A bug was fixed which was refreshing the edit fields and the main list view many times, causing the keyboard cursor to be sent to the end of an edit line for each typed character. A character encoding problem in mail sending was fixed. The updater/download manager was fixed and improved.

    •  05 Sep 2009 20:34

      Release Notes: Patches from OpenSUSE packagers were integrated. Many bugs were fixed. French documentation was added. Many changes were made to make installation and packaging much easier.

      •  27 Jul 2009 06:39

        Release Notes: Everything has changed since the previous stable version. The code was completely rewritten from Perl/Qt3 to C++/Qt4. A new UI was designed. Performance was improved a lot. Internationalization support was added. Since the 3.0rc1 release, many bugs were fixed, a new first run wizard was added, performance was improved, the federations and licenses system was fixed, new UI graphical effects were added, and the in-place editing system has been polished and spread across all the application.

        •  20 May 2009 05:51

          Release Notes: A Romanian translation was added. The UI was globally redesigned. A federation editor/creator was added. The possibility to configure the displayed currency was added. All tables in the application were made easy to edit. All of the in-place editing system was rewritten from scratch. Many bugs were fixed.

          •  04 May 2009 15:52

            Release Notes: This release adds support for Swedish and Brazilian Portuguese. It adds a lot of data (postal codes, etc.). It has many changes in the user interface (behavior, look and feel, etc.). It has many bugfixes and code cleanup.

            Recent comments

            25 Jul 2009 11:19 arnaud_dupuis

            Today (25th of July) is the Association Subscribers Manager 3.0 release day. You can follow hourly evolution on Twitter ( or on IRC (#assuma @ Freenode).
            Sourceforge's mailing list is also a good medium to stay in touch with Association Subscribers Manager (see for more informations).
            You can also go to where the release will be announced first.

            Arnaud Dupuis

            07 Jun 2009 08:35 arnaud_dupuis

            I am happy to announce the immediate availability of the new website dedicated to Association Subscribers Manager.
            On this website, you will find everything you need about Association Subscribers Manager like information on development, roadmap, download links, contributors list and contacts, announcements, and so on and so forth.

            This website can be found at:


            Arnaud Dupuis

            24 May 2009 17:37 arnaud_dupuis

            The 3.0rc1 source package (AssociationSubscribersManager-3.0rc1.tar.gz) contains a bug which was preventing the compilation process to succeed. I released a new source package (AssociationSubscribersManager-3.0rc1-2.tar.gz) which fixes the issue.
            My apologies for the inconvenience.

            Arnaud Dupuis


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