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asNews is a simple news retrieving and parsing program which gets the news from the net and shows it in your desktop. It's currently able to fetch the news from Freshmeat, LinuxToday, Slashdot, Segfault, KDE, LinuxApps, BBC, CentralEurope, 7AM, LinuxDev, GeekNews, IceWalkers, AppWatch, Hotwired and Mozilla. It also has two GTK-based X11 interfaces: a very simple one used for easy integration with your Window Manager and a complete, comfortable GUI.


Recent releases

  •  02 Jan 2000 22:11

    Release Notes: New 'click-and-browse' GUI feature. Support for AppWatch, Hotwired and Mozilla news servers was added. Now supports RDF/RSS/XML. Home page has moved to

    •  04 Dec 1999 12:06

      Release Notes: LinuxDev, GeekNews, and IceWalkers news servers and minor changes in the Ticker mode.

      •  05 Oct 1999 21:26

        Release Notes: Important bugfixes, fixed a segfault when reading SevenAM news and fixed a problem with CentralEurope.

        •  02 Oct 1999 19:34

          Release Notes: Fixed LinuxApps bug, added a real GUI (NewsTicker) mode, added BBC/CEO/7AM news, bug fixes and documentation improvements.

          •  05 Aug 1999 20:32

            Release Notes: Added DAEMON mode. Implemented a simple GTK-based X11 interface. New output mode: dump.

            Recent comments

            16 Jun 1999 17:22 AHinMaine

            Any screen shots you could post?


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