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Astaro Security Gateway

Astaro Security Gateway (formerly Astaro Security Linux) is an all-in-one network security gateway that includes a firewall, intrusion protection, antivirus, spam protection, URL filtering, and a VPN gateway. Features include a modern packet filter, intrusion detection and prevention, portscan detection, application control, content filtering, virus detection for email and Web traffic, profile handling, L2TP, IPSec, SSL, and PPTP VPN tunneling, spam blocking, proxies for HTTPS, HTTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP, DNS, VoIP, SOCKS, and Ident, logging, and reporting. It supports Ethernet, VLAN, PPP, PPPoE, PPPoA, Cable Modem, IPv6, QoS, Link Aggregation, and WAN-Uplink-Load balancing in routing, and bridge mode. The WebAdmin GUI, Install Wizard, Change Tracking, Printable Configuration, and Up2Date service make it easy to install, manage, and maintain.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Mar 2012 12:07

    Release Notes: This Up2Date will enhance the stability and performance of ASG installations. It is reverting the default SMTP RDNS checks to a more relaxed way, but the more effective "strict" options remain available for admins looking to combat spam with the tightest measures.

    •  28 Mar 2012 09:40

      Release Notes: This release increases performance in many areas, especially for the Web Filtering engine. It addresses the majority of the issues reported by users of 8.200/8.201, and greatly enhances the stability of Astaro Security Gateway V8.2 installations.

      •  28 Mar 2012 09:38

        Release Notes: This Up2Date package includes support for Astaro Command Center (ACC) V3 Backup Rollout and some bugfixes.

        •  28 Mar 2012 09:34

          Release Notes: This release adds Application Control (aka. Layer-7 or "Next-Generation" Firewall) and Network Visibility so that you see everything happening in your network and can make educated, reactive decisions about how your connection is used. There is also an Interactive Web Reporting Engine that lets you craft and mold reports. 3G/UMTS USB support, Search Engine "Safe Search" enforcement, weights for Internet Connection balancing, and a User agent for user-based security configuration have all been introduced as well. There are some bugfixes.

          •  28 Mar 2012 09:26

            Release Notes: This Up2Date addresses some minor bugs, improves the stability and performance of RED and Wireless under Version 7, and increases the performance of Web Security when used with Authentication. No major changes or new features have been introduced.

            Recent comments

            01 Jul 2010 09:12 astaro

            Hi peten,
            Astaro will release shortly a centrally manged and configured WIFI access point. Please read here for the datasheet with some more details regarding Astaro Wireless Security:

            22 Jun 2010 08:03 peten

            Can this latest incantation of Astaro use Wireless on it's outside facing port so far non have and it is not worth a thing to me with no Wireless outside

            17 Oct 2009 11:29 astaro

            Astaro offers a free home use license for their firewall and upgraded it recently to 50 protected IPs.
            Details are on the User Bulletin Board:

            23 Nov 2007 02:06 Pinocchio_69

            very good solution
            i was looking for a new Security Solution which has integrated an IDS, Proxies, Content Filtering an Anti-Spam mechanism. I checked and tested a lot of UTM Solutions but i was absolutely surprised that this product (which has quiete a lot of more functionality than i was looking for..) has integrated the globale Players from the market (Surf Control, Utimaco, Snort, ..)for a very cheap price in an easy to manage Product.

            I hope they will go ahead this way in the future..

            25 Feb 2007 05:59 astaro

            Re: looks very nice

            > Is there a trial period???

            Yes: 30 days, everything enabled, no limitations

            After that period, you can request a free home use license at - also everything enabled, but restricted for 10 users.

            > Before I try

            > this can anyone tell me if this is free

            > to use and no limitation even with 50

            > hosts?


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