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AsItHappens is a real-time network statistics collector and grapher. It collects data from devices over a network via ICMP and SNMP and displays them on a graph, optionally storing collected data in a database for later retrieval. Collection types include network response, bandwidth usage, processor usage, memory usage, Cisco NBAR, and Cisco NetFlow. AsItHappens polls data in regular intervals, which can be in the order of milliseconds, to give immediate feedback on network performance, and it can also graph flow information from packet capture files. AsItHappens includes the Self Defending Network, a horizontal shoot-em-up based on collected graph data.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 Sep 2012 19:15

    Release Notes: This release fixes multiple minor bugs and adds an option to close all open graph windows on the closing of the main application window for convenience.

    •  30 Aug 2012 18:16

      Release Notes: This release adds support for the three types of Cisco accounting collection: IP accounting, MAC address accounting, and IP precedence accounting.

      •  13 Aug 2012 11:31

        Release Notes: This release adds SNMPv3 support to all SNMP polling types (bandwidth, host, NBAR, NetFlow, and arbitrary OID). It also fixes a bug that would incorrectly alter the start and end time of a session when graphing a subset of the session.

        •  22 Jan 2010 12:54

          Release Notes: This release changes the summary statistics and data table panels to be separate tabs in the graph top-level window, instead of displaying them as unrelated top-level windows. It adds sortable columns to the summary statistics panel and updates the statistical information in realtime. It fixes a bug which prevented the right-click popup menu on a graph from appearing when the mouse was over the data portion of the graph.

          •  13 Jan 2010 11:09

            Release Notes: This release fixes bugs regarding incorrect start time used on retrieved session graphs, NetFlow/NBAR graphs showing all green, and a session data export failure. This release also adds the ability to store the arbitrary SNMP OID value collected into a session for subsequent retrieval.

            Recent comments

            08 Jan 2009 09:35 adamshand

            asithappens is awesome
            I've been using asithappens on and off for a couple years now

            and I have to say it's the best real time SNMP monitor I've


            To top it off Mark has answered both of my questions incredibly

            promptly and has been an absolute pleasure to interact with.

            Many thanks!


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