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08 Aug 2006 06:23 bjd773

Bad code, lazy developers
This program still does not support real RSS. True, there's a tutorial to hack RSS support into the application using the existing template system, but you can't do proper publication dates. You can't insert images. The HTML entities don't get encoded. It's a bad hack.

The code is obfuscated, so you can't even add the functionality yourself without having to reverse engineer their non-standard data storage format.

Article Manager is written in Perl but uses very little resuable code. Sure it's a cheap product, but there are easier and more robust products that are available for free.

13 Apr 2003 17:39 lynnhahn

Awesome resource
We were looking for a real estate listing program that we could use for our real estate investor web sites. We searched for some time and even submitted to Elance for quotes for custom programming befoe we stumbled onto Interactivetools.

We are NOT programmers, but we found that Realty Manager very easy to customize. It's the best programming investment that we have made.

Realty Manager has also been 100% stable.

Lynn Hahn

24 Feb 2003 23:51 brunomotta

The best solution for a dynamic web site
We have used Article Manager to create our first dynamic magazine for a customer. It has been so easy and impressive that we decided to insert your software in the Content Management training course financed by the European Community in Italy. So in a few months we will have at least 20 young people that will love this solution as we did!

24 Feb 2003 19:13 shwing

Article Manager Puts in Control!
I'm not a programmer but I'm proud to say I configured and customized AM all by myself! The ease of use of this product is right up my alley. What's missing? I'm looking for a few good writers! 5 Shwings! (WAY better than 5 stars)

31 Dec 2002 17:04 swerdnase

Article Manager 1.23
I was running low on my VC cash. I had spent money on four other programs -- to go nameless -- to meet the pretty specific needs of my company. We needed something that would allow contribution by a number of writers; had easy image upload tools for folks in the field and allowed the writers that had no knowledge of computers or HTML to put up the article they had to put up by deadline.
I took a flyer on Interactivetools. I had run into some Canadian software designers while I was in Vegas. We got to talking and by the end of the week, I was convinced of two things: these guys work hard and interactive tools folks work the hardest.
They installed the program for me and I was up and running in one day. The customization is a piece of cake and they are always available to help with any problem (usually within the same day). Their front office is kind and helpful -- not the case with many software companies these days -- and their Tech folks are not first line guys looking to give you the type of answers you could get in the FAQs. These are the guys that wrote the program.
I have purchased three different programs from and have not been disappointed once. They have the ability to learn what I (and others) need and they fully meet the need.
I'm not being paid by interactivetools to write this. I am writing because I think they are the one cgi script folks that: 1) care about their product; 2)care about their sale; 3) care about their service.
When was the last time Microsoft or some other vendor returned your email in the same day or much less provided the solution (and executed it for you on your site) in the same day.
If you haven't tried interactivetools, you need to. I've recommended them to all of my business contacts and to my friends. I got lucky in finding them. Of course, I also spent $11,200 of my investors' money looking for someone of their quality.
Don't waste your money or time, check them out.

31 Dec 2002 15:54 sneiss

Software takes care of everything i need and then some
The software is phenominal, and makes our lives so much easier. Some of the features that come with it, such as search or the webfeed generator, we hadn't planned on using, but they're so easy to integrate and make a huge difference to our site. The software has already truly saved us hours and hours of work. Your technical support is friendly, easy to get in touch with, and very very patient. Kudos. just made every aspect of the installation of this software easy for me. The program has worked flawlessly thusfar. Thanks!!

31 Aug 2001 21:08 jeffcovey

Re: I thought freshmeat is a open source sw index....
No, we include projects released under a wide variety of licenses.

31 Aug 2001 12:12 jabbawokkee

I thought freshmeat is a open source sw index....
...what has such a product to do here? I think there should be some way to prevent people promoting their products on fm. Just my 2c.


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