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Artichow is a complete framework to create statistical graphs such as line, bar, or radar plots, pies charts, and so on. It can also produce antispam images for applications such as user account creation.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 Dec 2006 13:03

    Release Notes: This version supports the same new driver model introduced with version 1.1.0. It also includes an incomplete, alpha-stage Flash driver using the Ming extension. As this is alpha quality software, using it in a production environment is strongly discouraged.

    •  18 Dec 2006 13:02

      Release Notes: This version comes with a mostly rewritten new driver model: all the code needed to draw the graphs (usually function calls to some PHP extension) are now separated from the data. This is meant to allow easy driver development in the future, as anyone will be able to add a new one without caring about the rest of the code. This version also corrects some bugs and adds a few new features like new marks.

      •  06 Nov 2006 18:39

        Release Notes: This release fixes some bugs and adds a new type of mark: the triangle. This version also has some code cleanup that will be continued in the future to allow for easier development of new features related to drawing.

        •  30 Aug 2005 16:49

          Release Notes: Some improvements were made for the chart's axis.

          •  20 Jun 2005 00:32

            Release Notes: Several bugs were fixed and a few features were added.


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