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ArrowHead ASP Server

ArrowHead ASP Server is a Java Servlet which supports the ASP syntax and the VBScript programming language. It aims to support VBScript version 3.1 and the standard set of COM objects, but has a little ways to go yet. It is extendable using Java objects and the Server.CreateObject syntax. It has been developed and tested under Apache 1.3.x and Tomcat 4.x, but should run under any Java servlet server.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 Jun 2004 21:26

    Release Notes: This release fixes a few bugs and adds some enhancements. The enhancements include a pluggable page caching mechanism, currently supporting in-memory and OS cache, and the FormatCurrency method.

    •  13 Jun 2003 09:01

      Release Notes: This version handles logical AND/OR/XOR statements, includes enhanced exception handling, adds vbNewline which is \n, changes vbcrlf to \r\n, adds RecordSet.GetRows, adds Fields.Count., adds initial MSXML2, and fixes bugs appearing under Windows 98.

      •  30 Jan 2003 22:21

        Release Notes: There are minor fixes. The ADODB implementation is much further along. ASP sessions can be shared with Servlet/JSP sessions. A check for DIM'ing a variable more than once has been added.

        •  14 Nov 2002 21:42

          Release Notes: This release has a completely rewritten parser using JavaCC instead of JavaCUP. The error display is much more readable. The new parser can also be (relatively) easily extended to support other languages. There are also a few other minor fixes/enhancements.

          •  12 Sep 2002 20:36

            Release Notes: Application, Request, Response, Server, and Session objects have been completed. Unicode support has been added. A big bug in the page caching algorithm has been fixed. This release can be used within EJB containers such as JBoss.


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