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08 Apr 2000 14:29 nintsu

This is a complete and in many ways unique eMail client. I ran through just about every one listed in X11 / Email, Arrow was the only one that passed every test. At first it seems a little odd - but give it a try and get used to the layout. It's actually quite straight forward once you get the hang of it.

To those who are rummaging through all the clients out there, this is definitely worth a try.

12 Mar 2000 22:06 wyt

Well worth trying
Stayed up most of the night installing and testing mail readers (after discovering that KDE's kmail occassionally loses mail, needed a replacement fast for several workstations). Of all the mail readers that were listed on Freshmeat, Arrow looks the most different - different enough to put me off on the first pass. But after trying a number of others that looked more like the standard model (a half-dozen at least look just like kmail!), and watching them fail to compile, crash, show immediate bugs (including trouble reading standard mail boxes for several), took a 2nd look at Arrow, and discovered it looks different because it's real engineering rather another knock-off of a tired old interface. After a half-hour learning curve, it's the most pleasant mail reader I've used in 17 years online.


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