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In Armagetron, you ride a lightcycle around the game grid. You can only make sharp turns of 90 degrees and a wall constantly builds up after you. Make your enemies crash into your wall, but be aware that they are trying to do the same to you. If you are fast enough, you may be able to trap them, but the only way to speed up your lightcycle is to drive close to the dangerous walls. Prepare for exciting strategic preparations followed by action-packed close combat!

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 Aug 2006 01:21

    Release Notes: Three denial of service attacks (or accidents) have been fixed. Forged clients could crash or freeze a server by sending wrong data that was left unchecked, and a clumsy remote administrator could freeze the server by entering commands that produce too much output. fixes all of that.

    •  03 Jul 2006 17:13

      Release Notes: First development release in the 0.3 series. Features a new HUD (with map), a new sound engine, new glancing, tab completion, and more.

      •  06 Jun 2006 09:18

        Release Notes: Some smaller improvements and bugfixes went into this release. Console and chat now have a history function, spectators are now visible to other players and can chat and be kicked, and team management has been sanitized a bit.

        •  21 May 2006 08:32

          Release Notes: Some bugs of lesser importance have been fixed since Under rare circumstances, cycles could pass through each other's trail, for example. New features include a history for the chat and console input fields, the ability for spectators to be seen and to chat with each other, some rudimentary control of players over the team formation using chat commands, and more tricks for the cycle trail length.

          •  26 Mar 2006 09:02

            Release Notes: Two security fixes were made since A malicious server administrator was able to inject files in arbitrary positions on connecting clients, provided there was no file there initially; and a malicious remote server administrator, often chosen to be an ordinary player, could read arbitrary files partially.

            Recent comments

            26 Dec 2004 14:46 bcrowell

            This is a fun networked game. I set it up on a couple of Debian boxes and a MacOS X machine, with no problems or hassles -- very slick packaging job!

            My only criticism is that the AIs seem a little too good -- it's extremely tough to beat them. It might be nice to have a way to control the difficulty.

            I was bummed to notice how much nicer the game looked on my wife's mac than on my Linux machine. Presumably this is because she has a better graphics card.

            25 Oct 2003 05:09 accura2k

            armagetron is an essential for gamers
            I remember when I first played this game a couple years ago. Me and a friend would battle it out in armagetron one on one and had tons of fun. Recently, I installed it again. The game has changed so much! It now has a online server list which makes the game interesting anytime of the day. This game is one of a kind and would be enjoyed by about anyone. I recommend this as an essential for gamers. =)


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