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Arusha Project

The Arusha Project (ARK) seeks to provide a framework and/or tools for collaborative system administration of multi-platform Unix sites with many dozens of machines.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Apr 2005 17:49

    Release Notes: This release includes support for Solaris 10 and Fedora Core (3), including the latter on x86_64. There is initial support for NFSv4, and for ARK repositories kept under Subversion.

    •  29 May 2004 18:30

      Release Notes: This release is the first under the BSD license. Previous releases were under the GPL.

      •  26 May 2004 20:39

        Release Notes: This is the last version of the core teams' code licensed under the GPL; the next and subsequent versions will be under the BSD license. In the Sidai code, the first code is in place to manipulate ARK state events (event-utils/lsevents); the 'sync-replica' tool can now use rdiff-backup as well as rsync; new packages were added to install Mozilla and Eclipse binaries and for Subversion and (retro-tool...) DVIutils from source; plus many small enhancements. Sample CUPS support was added to the Verilab2 code.

        •  15 Oct 2003 13:19

          Release Notes: In the ARK engine, host context tracking was improved. An attempt is made to satisfy new constraints with previously chosen constraints. "May-fail" constraints were added. In the Sidai code, networking info has been generalized, and sample packet-filter code was changed to match. General support for RH Linux 9 was added. A "clean" method was added to most packages. In individual teams' code, there are now examples of using rdiff-backup and of how to kickstart an RH Linux box into ARK-readiness. Over 150 package specifications are new or updated to current software versions.

          •  10 Mar 2003 14:58

            Release Notes: The project's LISA 2001 paper is now available. 'Tooldoc' supports easy location of non-standard documentation. 'Toolenv' supports careful intermingling of environment variables when tool versions are being controlled. Password distribution tools now work with shadow files. A new 'device' thing (anything except a host) has been introduced. HP-UX11 support was refreshed. Newly supported packages include: gaim, SML-NJ, Jakarta XML/Java tools (initial support), and GNOME 2 tools (ditto). Many other package updates, minor improvements, and a few bugfixes were made.


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            Project Spotlight

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