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19 Jun 2009 21:22 gcsaba2

I love the new version! The state flow diagram is really improved over the previous version, I love how I can type labels without actually having to drag a label object on the canvas, and also how the labels are tied to the line. I've yet to explore all the new features, but it looks GREAT so far!!!

12 Aug 2003 15:28 al_bagehot

Re: Almost a usable product
try again with the new 0.14 beta release.
please report the bugs you find. It will help us identify what needs fixing for you.

12 Aug 2003 15:25 al_bagehot

ArgoUml gets new Beta Release
Argouml ( has released a new beta version.

Download from

ArgoUml is an open source uml tool with cognitive support.

Over 600 issues have been resolved since our last release, making Argouml significantly more stable than its predecessors!

Every year Software Development Magazine gives awards to popular software development tools in various categories. This year ArgoUML was a finalist in the "Design and Analysis Tools" category. It received a runner-up award, beating many commercial tools.

- Improvements:

- 'To do' items saved for persistent cognitive support
- better toolbars
- supports java 1.3 and 1.4 on windows, linux, mac
- run via Java web start
- i18n support for English, German, French, Spanish and Russian
- new modules: classfile import, xmi export
- improved code generation and reverse engineering.
- better explorer support
- new OCL constraints toolkit for Classes.
- language support: java, php, c++ and csharp
- improved performance
- look and feel support
- improved class diagram auto layout

- Unresolved issues with this release:

- sequence diagrams have been removed for this release.
- there are approximately 330 unresolved defects in our bug database

Do you have the skills to contribute to Argouml as a uml/swing developer, translator, requirements analyst....?
join our mailing lists at


28 May 2003 18:17 cola_junkee

Almost a usable product
First, let me preface my comments by saying that this is about version 0.12.

I know my comment might ruffle a few feathers, but this product isn't quite there yet. After playing with many features the entire day, my conclusion is that it's OK for doing class diagrams of not-very-big projects. If you try to mess around with sequence and/or collaboration diagrams, you risk running into a lot of bugs.

The biggest one for me by far, is the fact that your product can sometimes become corrupt, and you can lose everything. And I'm never quite sure what I did to cause this.

Although I really want to love ArgoUML, I can't recommend it as of yet. For the moment I recommend Poseidon, which is very similar (it's based on the same technology), but it has obviously had a lot more work put into the spit and polish end of things, as none of the bugs that were hounding me in ArgoUML were present in it.

10 Nov 2002 18:35 wwalker

I've been trying to make myself trudge through "UML In a Nutshell" The book isn't bad, it's just too dry for me. I've learned more about UML and even new stuff about OOA&D going through the tutorial for ArgoUML than in all my other reading combined.

The tool seems to work very well, the price is right :), and it's extensible. I'd been planning on spending some serious budget dollars on Rational tools or the like, but I think I'll just run with ArgoUML :)

04 Oct 2002 13:23 thierrylach

Re: look at the source ;-)

> Hi,
> I tried to download it, too, but it wouldn't work.
> I had a look at the source and it uses a
> script to check the email.
> You can ommit the step, if they are to
> stupid to keep the server/script running
> cheers,
> Rainer

Note that we are now prepping for version 0.12 - much has changed since then. For example, there is no longer a need to register to download. And that's probably the least significant enhancement.

03 Oct 2002 11:14 thierrylach

Re: Lack of comments

> Great tool but i miss the possibility of adding
> comments to classes and methods. Some kind of
> report tools would also be usefull.

Ability to use comments has improved greatly in the 0.9.x through current versions.

05 Aug 2002 03:56 BinaryRunner

generating SQL sould be nice
It would be nice (i.e. usefull) if there would be
an option to generate SQL scripts for selected classes or selected diagram(s). As I am not friend af all-in-one sollutions, I miss such functionality
daily. Argo is nice tool and that would push it further.

31 Jan 2001 09:48 amorphis

Lack of comments
Great tool but i miss the possibility of adding
comments to classes and methods. Some kind of
report tools would also be usefull.

25 Aug 2000 05:25 arueckert

Latest Argo release
Please check ( for the latest version. Since there are constantly bugfixes contributed, you may check the latest CVS version. Details on the download can be found at (


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