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The Archive::Zip module allows a Perl program to create, manipulate, read, and write Zip archive files without calling an external program. Members can be added, removed, extracted, replaced, rearranged, and enumerated. They can also be renamed or have their dates, comments, or other attributes queried or modified. Their data can be compressed or uncompressed as needed, and members can be created from members in existing Zip files, or from existing directories, files, or strings.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  16 Jun 2000 22:52

    Release Notes: A new Archive::Zip::Tree module for adding/extracting hierarchies, a fix for a bug in contents() and the test suite under Windows, use of IO::File instead of FileHandle to allow for use of almost anything as a file handle, ability to pass extra filenames to extractMember(), extractMemberWithoutPaths(), addFile(), and addDirectory(), and a work-around for a WinZip bug with 0-length DEFLATED files.

    •  29 Mar 2000 20:33

      Release Notes: Initial freshmeat announcement.


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