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archivemail is a tool written in Python for archiving and compressing old email in mailboxes. It can move messages older than the specified number of days to a separate mbox-format mailbox that is compressed with gzip, or optionally just delete old email. It supports archiving IMAP, mbox, MH, and maildir format mailboxes.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 Nov 2006 05:37

    Release Notes: Unsafe creation of temporary files in the test suite was fixed. A dotlocking race condition was fixed. IMAP was broken in version 0.6.2 and is now working again. stats now report the total size of a mailbox and of the archived messages therefrom. archivemail now writes valid mbox(5) archives. archivemail finally converts on-the-wire CRLF to native EOL when saving messages from an IMAP folder. IMAP --delete and IMAP --size, which never worked at all, were fixed. IMAP --dry-run was fixed so that it doesn't download all messages that would be archived.

    •  31 Oct 2002 01:21

      Release Notes: A test rule was removed so messages older than the Unix epoch can e archived. Newer versions of Python give an overflow error calling mktime() on dates less than 1970 instead of returning a negative number.

      •  03 Oct 2002 07:03

        Release Notes: This version includes support for archiving IMAP mailboxes.

        •  18 Sep 2002 04:32

          Release Notes: Fixed a bug where when running archivemail as root on a non-root mailbox, where the temporary container directory would be created as root before the seteuid() took place.

          •  15 Sep 2002 08:31

            Release Notes: This release fixes a bug where mailbox locking would fail under Solaris, a bug where archiving maildir mailboxes without a 'Received Date' or 'From' header would fail, and a bug where messages dated on the Unix epoch would fail.


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