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Architecture Rules

Architecture Rules is a Java library that allows a programmer to assert code's architecture via unit tests or ant tasks. This test is able to assert that specific packages do not depend on others and is able to check for and report on cyclic dependencies among your project's packages and classes. This project wraps a industry accepted JDepend to simplify the process of maintaining a solid software architecture.


Recent releases

  •  11 Jul 2008 07:27

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

    •  05 Jul 2008 08:30

      Release Notes: This release included a report class creating the cyclic redundancy, made testArchitecture() public, added configuration method chaining, included a license file, added support for wildcards, and provided an API for retrieving the list of violations. Exceptions should now implement an ArchitectureRulesException. Meaningful defaults were provided with the Maven plugin. A classpath conflict with common-io and Spring was fixed.

      •  20 Jan 2008 06:47

        Release Notes: The dependencies which are optional are determined. The difference in the slashes used for pathnames in Unix and Windows is now handled. The cycles test now runs correctly with XML configuration.

        •  23 Nov 2007 17:46

          Release Notes: This release fixes getConfiguration() scope too weak usability (issue 21) and adds package.html and overview.html maintainability (issue 9).

          •  16 Nov 2007 21:52

            Release Notes: Issue 18 (Cannot extend AbstractArchitectureRulesConfigurationTest) and Issue 20 (Should only require Java 1.4) have been fixed.


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