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APSR is a network testing tool designed to send and receive arbitrary network packets. Its main purposes are firewall, security, routing, and a lot of other tests. It can also be used to analyze your network. The project is split into three main programs: apsend to create and send packets, aprecv to dump the network traffic, and the apsrlib which provides the appropriate low-level functions. A very wide range of protocols are supported by the aprecv program. The application layer is implemented through modules using a simple API. Modules can be written in Perl, Ruby, C, or PCL (a special-purpose packet construction language).


Recent releases

  •  10 Feb 2006 16:44

    Release Notes: A lot of compilation problems have been fixed and the code has been cleaned. Some (Free)BSD-specific bugs have been fixed. No new features have been added. Users are advised to upgrade to this release.

    •  02 May 2005 22:56

      Release Notes: Many minor bugfixes in aprecv and apsrlib. Raw socket support for apsrlib (send and receive functions) to work with FreeBSD.

      •  24 Sep 2004 09:52

        Release Notes: This version features major cleanups (TCl scripting support and XML/XSLT stuff removed), minor feature enhancements for apsr-stack, and the beginnings of pre-module support for apsend.

        •  07 Sep 2004 20:27

          Release Notes: This release removes aacrypt/apsr-gui from the source tree, fixes minor configure script bugs, adds some features to apsr-stack, and cleans up some header files of apsrserver.

          •  23 Jun 2003 00:23

            Release Notes: This release is open source (under the APSR open source license). It has many bugfixes and some feature enhancements.


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