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APRIL is a symbolic programming language that is designed for writing mobile, distributed and agent-based systems especially in an Internet environment. It has advanced features such as a macro sub-language, asynchronous message sending and receiving, code mobility, pattern matching, higher-order functions and strong typing. The language is compiled to byte-code which is then interpreted by the APRIL runtime-engine. APRIL now requires the InterAgent Communications Model (ICM) to be installed before it can be installed.


Recent releases

  •  04 Mar 2000 08:21

    Release Notes: Implementation of resource constrained execution and some bugs were fixed. APRIL is now hosted as an Open Source Project on

    •  21 Apr 1999 03:02

      Release Notes: The new version of APRIL (4.2) features many improvements and bug-fixes over the previous version (3.9), such as enhanced execution performance, a multi-generational garbage collection system, a simplified syntax and support for the InterAgent Communications Model (ICM).

      •  10 Sep 1998 09:28

        No changes have been submitted for this release.


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