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Apmiser is a daemon that monitors the CPU usage patterns of your laptop and automatically switches between power-saving mode (in which the CPU is underclocked) and normal mode, depending on whether it thinks you will need the extra CPU speed. This lets you leave your laptop in it's power-saving state without having to suffer from poor performance when you need to perform a CPU-intensive task. Apmiser currently only supports IBM Thinkpads via tpctl, but support can be easily added for any laptop that supports switching power-saving modes programmatically.


Recent releases

  •  16 Oct 2000 10:58

    Release Notes: This release includes a number of minor clean-ups, and better code comments and documentation.

    •  08 Oct 2000 15:09

      Release Notes: Initial production release.

      Recent comments

      14 Nov 2003 01:00 jdthood

      Absorbed by tpctl project
      The apmiser program is now included in the tpctl package.

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