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31 Oct 2003 10:43 roderickm

The End of APB
L. Brandon Stone, the original author of APB, has decided to move on to other projects and has given his blessing to a code branch under a new name. Interested PHP developers are welcome to visit the old message board for info on the new project developing from what remains of APB.

01 Apr 2003 23:04 jeidsness

just a reminder
this is common sense, howerver: if you follow the upgrade instructions in the README.txt, DON'T FORGET to either backup your apb.php or remember what your settings were...

you'll be much happier that way ;)

13 Mar 2003 11:50 lbstone

Re: Totally Unsecure

I was first made aware of this security issue a few days ago (on Sunday, March 9th, 2003) and that day I promptly updated the APB homepage and the "version check" page with warnings. I also removed the TAR/GZ and ZIP files as an added measure.

I am currently working on a patch that I hope to release in the next couple of days. I will also be working on a new APB release which will be more compatible with the latest versions of PHP and will work with "register globals" turned off.

Thank you to those who have pointed out this issue. I'm doing what I can to fix it.

13 Mar 2003 10:34 hgfischer

Totally Unsecure

DO NOT USE THIS SOFTWARE!!! Someone hacked my website, starting by this software. It used the register_globals 'bug' to include a remote PHP and install a bindshell software on my server!

Only use this software if the author stop using globals.

08 Mar 2003 17:45 evanz784

The best
Easy to use, powerful, simple to install. Need I say more? I love being able to access my bookmarks from any computer anywhere. The search function is especially useful once you start adding a lot of links. It is nice to research things at work, bookmark them, and then rediscover them easily on the weekend. Great geek tool. =]

25 Oct 2002 11:21 lbstone

Re: whats point..

> Warning: Failed opening...

Hey Julius,

The Freshmeat comments area isn't the best place to handle support requests. I noticed that you posted the same error in the comment form on the APB website, but you didn't give us your email address. If you give us a way to contact you, we'll try to help you out.

24 Oct 2002 13:26 123qwe

whats point..
Warning: Failed opening '/bookmarks/apb_common.php' for inclusion (include_path='.;c:\php4\pear') in C:\FoxServ\www\bookmarks\apb.php on line 63

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: get_number_of_bookmarks() in C:\FoxServ\www\bookmarks\index.php on line 25

01 Feb 2002 18:46 gsccd

Very Cool
I'd been looking forward to the release of this system for a while... got my hands on it and I was able to integrate it into my site ( without any problems (and quite a few design changes) pretty quickly.

Highly recommended.

31 Jan 2002 14:01 diambar

I agree a handy tool.
I've been beta-testing Brandon and Nathan's product since they started working on it. Since then I've collected over 2,000+ bookmarks and their app has become my browser's home page. I found it very easy to configure with the rest of my site. Furthermore, the data collected itself allows for the creation of some nifty little display modules. I, for example, like to display recently added and visited links on the front page of my site (, which insures that repeat visitors get something new to look at.

Nice work on the release. I especially love the recently added search function which makes my past couple of months of browsing instantly accessible, and lastly the tight integration with the bookmarklet which removes the pain of bookmarking sites.


30 Jan 2002 17:57 equant

This is the most important piece of software on my personal website.
I have to admit that I'm a contributor to this
project, but I'm also a user...

You can see the main piece of software installed
on my site <a
href=''>here, but
you can also see it heavily integrated into my <a
href=''>homepage. Here's
another interesting use of apb, it's my
bookmark <a

Having all of my bookmarks well organized, and
having a powerful search makes my life as a web
user much nicer.


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